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World Love Books invites you to be apart of conscious living and how in consciousness we can transform and go forward in our human form.  This is a place to go deeper into your spiritual self and to become more aware of how you can change your corner of the world.  

Every Day Meditation… One Minute at a Time!

This book has an online multi-media training environment. Don't just read about stress reduction and meditation - experience it!

The pace of today’s world puts such demands upon our lives that we are forever searching for better ways to use our time and to relax. In this book, Veronika takes you on a guided exploration of a variety of fundamental practices, and gives you the tools that will make it easy for you to incorporate meditation into your day-to-day life. As you begin to explore and experiment with the techniques that Veronika has so simply outlined, you will discover how you can reduce stress, enhance your overall health and quality of life, and even increase your available time!






Journaling and dream catching helps us to listen more deeply to our needs, desires and dreams. 


It frees us to problem solve from a different angle while helping us to clarify our emotions, feelings, thoughts and the actions we wish to take, or not to take. 


When we journal and capture our dreams, we get grounded in who we are an what our truth is.  We begin to develop our inner wisdom and compassion while reducing stress and improving our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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What is Conscious Living?

It starts with consciousness: becoming more aware of various aspect of our lives, both inside and out. As we actively become more conscious, we become more aware of the opportunities to make positive changes for ourselves and for our community.  We experience a deeper level of living: more joy, more creativity and more conscious choices. We begin to awaken!


The journey of conscious living is always evolving as we delve deeper into being present in each aspect of life - relationships, health, finances, values, passions, being a parent – to name a few.  World Love Books is here to support your conscious living journey with the tools to take that next step. Are you ready to expand your consciousness?


Anna Morrison | Speaker, Nursing Career Coach, and Author 

This is a WONDERFUL step-by-step instructional and inspirational guide to creating a more peaceful, grounded inner existence, so that we may enjoy a more impactful life with others.  Veronika Tracy-Smith's writing style itself is soothing, calming and abundantly warm. As a nurse and an entrepreneur, I am constantly 'on-the-go;' this amazing little book has taught me concrete methods to turn off the inner turmoil and reconnect to the quiet space within me. I can't wait to practice these techniques! Thank you, Veronika, for helping me to calm the chaos and be a more effective leader in the world!"

Debbie De La Cuesta | Licensed Psychotherapist and Coach

This is a wonderful read. It is both inspiring and instructive. The reader will be taken on their personal journey with great support and guidance, enabling them to embody their spiritual intelligence. I would recommend it to anyone interested in their personal & spiritual growth.

Jacquelyn Gioertz | Author & Intuitive Life Coach

Meditation Now-Your Guide for Building a Simple Practice is the perfect guide for someone wanting to start making significant changes in their life. Dr. Veronika Tracy-Smith does an excellent job of explaining the importance of bringing meditation in to your life and also providing wonderful video tutorials in the online environment. Whether you are a newbie at grounding and meditating or have years of experience, this book and online experience will enhance your meditation practice. It's very educational as well as enjoyable!

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