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  • Veronika Tracy-Smith, PhD, PCC

Global JOY Summit


WE wanted to share the Global Joy Summit with you. In these challenging times we need to find more inner peace, light and joy so that we can be a balance for the fear and anger in the world. Shine your light brightly. Join the summit for free to tap into more joy for yourself and your own corner of the world.

This summit is free and starts on Novem 13 -16th. Even if you only watch one hour it will be a gift to yourself and the world. The more we can find calm, healing and loving energy in ourselves the better we can serve in the world. There is so much turmoil, fear and anger right now. Take a break from all of that and bring more peace and joy into your life if you dare. The answers to our problems need to come from another source other than the old ways of thinking. Why not try on JOY for a change!

Register here it is free!!

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