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  • Steve Sphar, JD, ACC

[Video] The SQ21 Self-Assessment and Report

Like all human abilities, the skills of spiritual intelligence can be developed with practice and discipline. The practices we use change over time according to our needs. This is why the SQ21 is so useful – it helps you gain clarity about where you are on the path and what is most important to you at each stage of life.

The SQ21 uses a developmental model that views each skill along a spectrum of five levels. Knowing where you are for each skill allows you to make decisions about your growth that are more informed, grounded and useful. Let’s look at an example of this developmental model using one of the SQ21’s spiritual intelligence skills.

Skill number 13 is titled, “Keeping Higher Self in Charge.” Here are the five levels the SQ21 uses for your self-assessment on Skill 13.

As you can see, the SQ21 uses common sense language to discuss the levels of growth that we all go through in becoming more adept at keeping our Higher Self in charge. The sequence begins with an initial awareness and desire to increase the skill and ends with a high level of consistent mastery. Most of us, of course, are somewhere in between. The SQ21 gives you the opportunity to reflect on what actions are best for you given where you are in your development. For example, the steps you take to develop level two of this skill would be different than the steps you would take if you were at level four.

The SQ21 self-assessment is a sophisticated instrument that helps you evaluate your own spiritual intelligence. The instrument produces a report that summarizes your self-evaluation with descriptions and suggestions for each of the 21 skills, tailored for you based on your responses to the instrument.

To learn more about how the SQ21 self-assessment and report, watch the short video below.

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