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  • Steve Sphar, JD, ACC

[Video] The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence

The SQ21 was created by examining four sources of knowledge and wisdom: psychology, philosophy, world religions and science. From this research, 21 core skills emerged that contribute greatly to human flourishing. There are many ways to become more spiritually intelligent, and we are not saying that these 21 skills are the only ones. But this model forms a robust architecture that can help any seeker create a personalized path of growth and fulfillment.

What makes the SQ21 model so useful is its accessibility and organization. The 21 skills are organized into a simple model with four quadrants. The top two quadrants represent inner and outer awareness, while the bottom two represent inner and outer mastery.

21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence

In the SQ21 model, spiritual growth begins in quadrant number one, in the upper left. Increasing one’s self-awareness is a crucial first step, and most important is developing an awareness of the distinction between one’s Higher Self and one’s ego self. The source, dimensions and qualities of the Higher Self are experienced differently by everyone. But without a grounded sense of what this Higher Self means to you, it will be hard to increase your spiritual intelligence.

As you increase self-awareness and refine your understanding of your connection to your Higher Self, you move into quadrants two and three. Increased self-awareness allows you to be more aware of the perspectives of others and the world in general. Self-awareness is also key to developing self-mastery, where you are able to act from your Higher Self more often and more deeply.

Quadrant four is the destination quadrant. These skills tend to develop last. This quadrant includes skills like aligning with the ebb and flow of life, being a calm and healing presence, and making wise and compassionate decisions.

To learn more about how the SQ21 can help you increase your spiritual intelligence, watch the short video below.

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