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  • Veronika Tracy Smith, PhD, PCC

[Video] SQ21 – Living From Your Higher Self

We can all recognize when we are acting from that part of ourselves that is kind, forgiving, gracious, noble, and loving. And we also recognize when we are acting out of the part that can be fearful, petty, vindictive, and selfish.

In the language of the SQ21, we call our innate goodness the Higher Self, and we call our tendencies toward fear and self-preservation the ego self.

This video describes the nature of the Higher Self and how the SQ21 can help us live life more fully from our common goodness.

The Higher Self and the ego self are not on equal footing, with each having equal power and standing. The Higher Self is our fundamental nature, the underlying substrate of who we are. Our Higher Self and our ego self are equally valid but they are not equally true. While it is a vital and useful aspect of our nature, the ego self is not who we are at our core. The ego self is a tool, it is not the one who wields the tool.

In our hearts, we know this to be true. On their death bed, no one ever recounted their best moments as getting off a snarky line in a Facebook argument, or reveled in the argument where they really told off their spouse (“I was so right! And she really needed to get in line!”) No, our proudest memories are of the times when we acted with wisdom, courage and compassion, when made a deep connection with a loved one, or showed kindness to a stranger.

The yearning we feel for personal and spiritual growth is always pushing us toward the continual unfolding our inherent nature, our Higher Self. You can feel something shift when you align with your Higher Self, a shift from contraction to expansion. Our longing to grow is more than just a desire to be a “better person.” It is an expression of the need to deepen the natural alignment with who we really are.

How do we do this? How do we remake the old patterns of past habits and calm the over-amplified reactions of the ego self?

That is where the SQ21 can be useful. It provides a framework that allows any individual to self-assess where they are on the spiritual path and gain focus and clarity for their next steps. Watch the video. Interested in the SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence assessment? Contact me to learn more.

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