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  • Kathryn Johnson, MA

How Career Expectations Can Help You Live a Better Life

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We’ve all heard it, some of us have found it, some of us are still desperately searching for it, and I’m often quoted saying it: “Find Something You Love to Do”.

But what do I mean by it?

When you refer to a job as a career, you might just “love” what you do because a career implies longevity. At what point in our lives are we supposed to make this transition from job to career? Number of years working? Receiving benefits beyond a paycheck? Fulfillment or purpose? Getting the big title?

I suppose that all these are viable considerations, but I would add living a content lifestyle. The work-life balance seems easier said than done, and with the nonexistence of a true balance, how do we actualize this concept? With all your responsibilities (family, career, community service, etc), are you left with a sense of flexibility to pursue the “fun” things in life. If you can answer “yes” than I think you might “love” your career.

Now every career has pros and cons, but if a career allows you to live the lifestyle you want than that’s a win-win in my opinion. I have the luxury of working from home so I can be there for my family the way I want to. For me, it’s the perfect work-life balance.

Listen, no career is perfect. And most of have worked at that one job for just a little longer than we should have. Most people change jobs multiple times until they find their career due to personal and professional growth. To simply put it - you change. You’ve had time to understand what being in the workplace really means. And sometimes you’ve chosen companies sometimes solely on the people who work there even if the job itself wasn’t that great.

Loyalty to my employer was instilled in me as a kid and I was that kid who started working well before my peers (side note: please be kind to those young concession stand kids). I’m not one to shy away from saying “No”, but it wasn’t until military life that I learned to be okay with leaving a job guilt-free. In a way, it gave me the freedom to seek jobs I wanted to make a career. Without realizing it, I always chose support roles.

When I had kids, I took a hiatus from finding a job because being Mom was more than enough. Now that I'm back in the workplace having clients who respect that is everything. In fact, I won’t work with someone who doesn’t understand my need for that balance. In return, they get my loyalty and expectations are clear from the start. I’ve created a career allows for the lifestyle I want. And when I get tasked with something that isn’t ideal for me, I change my perspective on the task. Because of that task, I get to live the lifestyle I want.

When your perspective changes, your expectations change resulting in a career you “love”. So you'll still find me suggesting that you should find something you love to do.

About the Author

Kathryn Johnson MA

Kathryn founded KJ Virtual Assistance on the sole principal that you should love the work you do. As a military spouse and mother of two, she wanted a career with the flexibility to fit her lifestyle. When reflecting on past positions, there was a prominent trend in administrative roles ranking amongst her favorite. Read more about Kathryn.

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