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  • Kimberly Burnham, PhD (Integrative Medicine)

A Lucky Life

Four Leaf Clover

In some languages the word used to describe peace also means a lucky life.

A Lucky Life and Kusikawsay

In Qhochapampa Quechua spoken in Bolivia

"kusikawsay" means peaceful and tranquil

but also lucky life

as if when we find peace

we can also see how lucky we are

"Kusikawsay" describes the act

to clear a field

to cultivate land

to plough hard soil

to level

to plain

to search emphatically for a dry and hard place

describing perhaps the work that goes into finding peace, sustenance

and a lucky life

"Kusikawsay" means to make peace

to make friendship

to calm down as if peace

both inner peace and global peace

makes friendship possible

and finally "kusikawsay" describes

a thick (liquid), viscous, doughy (substance)

as if when we have peace and work the land

lucky and friendship has substance in our lives

and we manifest both

A world away in China the word, "samlo" describes peace and what you have to do in order to have luck—keep silent, listen to those around you, and be an effective observer.

Peace and Hunting Luck

In Ngochang or Achang spoken in Yunnan China

"samlo" means to keep silent

so as to insure luck in hunting

quiet, repose

to enter and be imbedded

I imagine a hunter in camouflage hiding in a blind

quiet and still

not a gun but a camera ready to shoot

so all can go peacefully on their way

"Samlo nyens nyens" is quietly or peacefully

to be at peace

while "samsam" is still and quiet but also confidingly

and "tsingtsam" is also still and quiet.

"tsoek yah" and "nyens nyens" is to be quiet, still

and thus orderly

like a new world order where everyone

finds ways to be at peace

even the hunter and the hunted

"Samlo yaus dah jeis"

is quiet, slowly as flowing water

as water flows across borders

shared or horded

polluted or clean

it flows from one place to another

filling the wells of all of us indiscriminately

And in some languages the word for peace can be made into a medicine, bringing good luck to the one who speaks and shares peace.

Nigerian Peace Medicine

"Ibök'mem" is peace medicine

a good luck charm to secure

the good will or friendship of one's enemy

"emem" or "mem" is peace

in Efik spoken in Nigeria

Imagine how it looks and feels

this peace medicine

small or large

red or blue

soft or rough

what is needed to secure


peace and goodwill

and leads to luck?

What in your life will bring you peace and luck, to whom do you have to listen, and whose friendship helps you secure peace and luck? May we each feel peace and see the luck each life experience holds.

About the Author

Kimberly Burnham, PhD (Integrative Medicine)

A busy Integrative Medicine practitioner finding solutions for people with Parkinson’s, eyesight issues, diabetes and more, Kimberly Burnham, PhD is The Nerve Whisperer. She is the award winning author of a messenger mini-book,Our Fractal Nature, a Journey of Self-Discovery and Connection as well as, The Eyes Observing Your World, a featured chapter in Christine Kloser’s Pebbles in the Pond, Transforming the World One Person at a Time. Her goal is to change the face of brain health, foster hope, and help you experiences this incredible world. Learn More About Kimberly.

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