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  • Kathryn Johnson, MA

Change. Live. Be You.

We’re in the season of making and breaking resolutions. We like the idea of change but are we really able to commit to it?

I read an article recently about how our traits can make or break our resolutions. If we choose resolutions that require a reboot of traits than those are more likely to fail – 80% in fact. And that’s probably why most of our resolutions seems to repeat year after year. We all want change but do we actually want to change? Are we setting ourselves up for failure by wanting too much change?

But what if we chose resolutions that played in favor our existing traits?

Woman Stretching Before Walk

I think we have all had health resolutions over the years. But are we setting realistic goals that are trait-centered?

I keep an overall healthy lifestyle. You won’t find me strutting down a catwalk anytime soon – mainly because I’m short – nor will you see me entering in a fitness competition - life is too short to not enjoy the variety of delicious food. For me, a realistic approach to my health is being healthy on my terms. I’ve never been a runner – I find it to be an unusual way to torture myself and I greatly dislike gyms – because sometimes I just can’t people.

You will see me walking around my neighborhood, doing various exercises at home and eating everything in moderation. Something about the fresh air and flexibility that comes from this routine actually has me sticking to it. I actually enjoy it. I made healthy resolutions that played into my personality traits. In return, I feel better and I’ve created a routine that I should be able to maintain throughout my life.

Yes, you may be saying “Well if you don’t challenge yourself, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.” If we’re not truly committed to something, we won’t truly do it. Playing to your strengths is about being honest with who you are – and that might be a challenge for some. Little adaptations of change made by resolutions should lead to more successful ones that you actually keep.

Start the new year by being yourself.

About the Author

Kathryn Johnson, MA

Kathryn founded KJ Virtual Assistance in 2016 on the sole principle that you should love the work you do. When reflecting on past positions, there was a prominent trend in administrative roles ranking amongst her favorite. From her time in the Operations Department at the University of Miami to assisting her College Chaplain, the various aspects of a support role have always fulfilled her.

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