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The Benefits of Journaling

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If you have a journal, you are probably someone who is drawn to writing down your thoughts and feelings. But did you know that research is now finding how beneficial journaling is?

Journaling has been found to increase our internal motivation and leads to growth over time. Part of how that happens is when we write we are using our left, analytical brain which in turn allows our right brain to open up and be creative, connect with our emotions, and deeper knowing about a situation. Journaling helps us to listen more deeply to our needs, desires and dreams. It frees us to problem solve from a different angle while helping us to clarify our emotions, feelings, thoughts and the actions we wish to take, or not take.

The bottom line is when we journal, we get grounded in who we are and what our truth is. We begin to develop our inner wisdom and compassion while reducing stress and improving our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

When journaling, let yourself be free and let go of your critic voice who is always telling you to be perfect. No one is watching or listening. This is your time. Let go of grammar. It is okay to misspell words and write run-on sentences. When you don’t know what to write begin with the next thought you have or ask yourself:

How did my day go?

What do I want to gain clarity on?

What dreams do I have that are yet unrealized?

What obstacles are in my way from having the life I want?

What are my deeper thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires?

Who am I?

If you can, make up your own questions. Go for it! Start journaling today!

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