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  • Rima Bonario, ThD

The Truth About Women in Mid-Life

Join me as I expose mid-life myths and share the truth about women's bodies. As women, we hold a powerful reservoir of energy and potency within our bodies, and that energy doesn’t go away as we age. It pools. And if we let it, it can overflow in delicious ways. Like many "women of a certain age," I hit a point in my life when the old nose-to-the-grindstone way of pushing through and postponing self-care was no longer an option. My body, heart, and soul rebelled.

No mater how hard my mind tried to get me to work on my to-do's, I just couldn't. Everything in me was demanding a new way forward. I was lucky enough to find it before I did irreparable damage to my body, my relationship and my business.

Are you facing a similar rebellion of body, heart, and soul? If so, I may have a few answers for you. In this video you will learn how to:

  • Access and inhabit your innate well-spring of feminine energy to increase your sense of aliveness

  • Activate your natural magnetism to attract the support and resources you desires

  • Use a potent practice to enhance your capacity to receive increasing your vitality and verve

After watching, at the end of the video you will get an invitation to sign up for my FREE 7 Day Video Course: Live Life Lusciously. Also check out my current course offering: Awaken the Goddess Within at (Be sure to ask about special pricing for RCN viewers).

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About the Author

Rima Bonario, ThD

Dr. Rima Bonario is an author, workshop leader, soul coach and wild heart healer. She holds a doctorate is in Transformational Psychology (Th.D.) and has been working in personal development for close to 20 years, with a focus on women in mid-life for the last five years. Read more about Rima.

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