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  • Kimberly Burnham, PhD (Integrative Medicine)

Words, Peace and Health

Peace Words

There is a saying, "holding on to hate is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." One way to expand peace, inner peace and community peace is to focus on the value of words, poetry, and visualizations in combating lingering hate, autoimmune disease, dementia and memory issues as well as providing a way to combat stress. Words can be used to develop a stronger inner calm, sense of peacefulness contributing to stronger communities and a better world.

At its core autoimmune diseases are a lack of communication and a lack of wisdom and recognition of what is self and what is not self. In order to be safe we, our minds, our bodies and cells must learn to recognize the danger posed by some outside force and what is part of ourselves meant to be nurtured and valued.

Autoimmune diseases start when we attack ourselves on a mental, physical, spiritual and even cellular level. In autoimmune diseases there is a communication error and a lack of recognition of what is part of the self, the body, the mind, the community, the human race, and the world.

We share so much with each other. Even with the animal world we share many similarities and certainly all of us and the world we live in benefit from greater peace. Just as we inherited our DNA from our parents and can often recognize ourselves in their features, speech patterns, and mannerisms, we inherited words from people speaking languages in countries in many cases near us but in some cases far, far away. Like our favorite foods we take in word meanings and the ideas we listen to and sometimes we see the relationship, the similarity or commonality and build on it and sometimes we fail to see the relationship and seek to destroy people in other countries or seek to harm the cells in our own body.

Learning new words and thinking about new ideas can also be beneficial in brain health. In medical sciences there is the idea that learning a new language after age 50 helps brain function, pattern recognition, and memory issues. Here are a bunch of words that mean peace in other languages.

Peace Words

Do you recognize yourself in these words for peace? Do you see new ways to find peace and sanctuary and wholeness?

Protecting Peace And Fred

Peace has to be protected Friþuz gave rise in Old Norse

as in the Old High German "fridu" and "frioðu" to love and peace "friðr"

from the male noun in Proto-Germanic "friþuz" a cognate for Old English "friþ

peace tranquility protection, and Old High German "fridu"

certainty sanctuary refuge giving birth to much more love and peace with

friþuz is related to friþulandą Danish "fred"

a friendly land and Faroese "friður"

country with which one is at peace Icelandic "friður"

Swedish "fred" and "frid"

Peace gives rise to certainty

in Middle High German "vride" or "vrit" Norwegian Bokmål "fred"

German "frieden" or "friede" Norwegian Nynorsk "fred"

Luxembourgish "fridden" Old Swedish "friþer"

and Yiddish פֿרידן‎ or "fridn"

Like love peace has got to be looked after

The Old English word "friþ" also shares in Gothic "ga-friÞōn" means spare or look after

peace refuge sanctuary or "gafriþōn" to reconcile pacify

and is related and peace has to be made as in

to the word "frēond" a friend a lover Icelandic "friða" to make to pacify

"Sceal fémne hire freónd geséccan" to calm to appease

the maiden shall seek her lover even to declare a prohibition on hunting, harming

or changing something

We all used for preserving the style of an old building

cells organs bodies or preventing the extinction of a species

minds communities countries

seek peace love and safety Peace must be protect

and shielded

Peace comes with work and love as in the Anglo-Saxon word "friðian" or shield

"frithu" peace and sanctuary in Old Saxon may we all be protected

also from the Proto-Germanic "friþuz" by the shield of peace and love

giving birth to Middle Low German "vrēde" amidst all the changes in this immense world

Low German "freed"

Westphalian and Münsterländer

"Frää" "Frääden" "Frääde" "Frääne" "Freeden"

and in East Westphalian "Friae" and in

Plautdietsch "Fräd"

SLM Peace, Wholeness & Health

Another word Shalom is bound up Salam or salem has made its way into names

with a hundred or more Middle Eastern words Jerusalem we can hope for a foundation of peace

peace wholeness and health Salem, Massachusetts infamous for 1692 witch trials

Salem Saberhagen the warlock-turned-cat

"sYal" in Afrasian, Afroasiatic, Semito-Hamitic in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

"sYal" or "s'al" to be safe well sound in Proto-Afroasian and Selim, a Turkish given name

"s¨ol" to be safe well sound and Islam or Islaam or Muslim

safety health welfare one who causes peace

be unharmed and healthy the peace-maker

may we all find peace

Salamu with deep roots

to be unharmed There are also peace words from Arabic

in good conditions loaned to other languages written

stay well in unfamiliar letters still carrying a similar feeling

be friendly säläm сәләм in Bashkir

salimu peace sàiliǎmù 賽倆目 色蘭 or sèlán

concord and friendship used by Chinese Muslims

salami სალამი in Georgian

Šalām or salmu to be well selâm سلام in Mazanderani

to be faultless, healthy, complete salām سَلَام‎ in Iranian Persian and Dari

or šul-mu health welfare completeness salom салом in Tajik

in Akkadian an Afro-Asiatic spoken アッサラームアライクム assarāmuaraikumu in

in Ancient Mesopotamia Japanese

and in present day Iraq and Syria

Sometimes the words take interesting routes

Another Semitic language Amharic like shalom or peace be with you

is spoken by 25 million native speakers said as a greeting in Papua New Guinea

ሰ ሳ ም or säsam and Hebrew via Dutch Indonesian to Papuan Malay

salām or selam conveys In Chaldo-Soroyo-Assyrian

tranquility quiet harmony shalom or salam carries the meaning

sallama is active in peace in harmony

to pacify tranquility and a truce

imagine if we could pacify nations as well as tame and friendly

as easily as cells

Babylonian šul-mu is peace

Another Amharic or Argobba word while another old language

Selamawi gives rise to calls peace by the name shalem

a peaceful person or act in Caananite

spoken in Egypt and Ethiopia

it is the second-most spoken Semitic language Similarly in Ge'ez or Ethiopic

in the world, after Arabic salām salaøm or ሰላም

represent peace in the language

In Syriac Assyrian or Aramaic of the Aksum people of Ethiopia and Eritrea

the language of Jesus the people of the Queen of Sheba

and a million modern day people still used as the liturgical language

shlomo signifies peace of the Ethiopian Coptic Church.

slah is to prosper

shalama peace completeness from God Shalom שָׁלוֹם or šālom in Hebrew

to be whole the language of 15 million Jews

to follow to agree to obey in Israel and a liturgical language

perfection wholeness health welfare safety around the world

means remain healthy unharmed keep peace

And peace šəlāmā or šlāmā or שְׁלָמָא‏ shalem שלם connotes wholeness

in Aramaic Hebrew or Jewish Neo-Aramaic to be complete

Solomon or Shlomo שלמה the traveler prays for peace

a name in Hebrew and Aramaic and to arrive in one piece

shalom shalem

Shalama's origins related to the word

sabbath or shabbat which also means complete Sliem or Paci in Maltese

greeting someone with the word shlamaa peace words spoken in Malta

you are wishing them the respite or sabbath a language developed from Arabic

that comes with recognizing but also marrying in many words

completeness and fulfillment in themselves from Romance languages

like French Spanish Portuguese and Italian

Now extinct salimum the common Arabic greeting "as salāmu alaykum"

a sense of reconciliation similar to the "is-sliem għalikom" in Maltese

agreement and prosperity in Amorite peace for you, peace be with you

also carries the meaning and "shalom alekhem" in Hebrew

to be faultless healthy complete

and iṣī-śalim the friendly one In Phoenician salem or šolūm or šolēm

has appeared peace wholeness to be intact

in an ancient Semitic language

The most widely spoken Semitic language originally spoken in the area of today’s Lebanon

descended from Afro-Asiatic is Arabic Phoenician consonantal script

salām or salaam or سلام is peace written from right to left

bursting out in the greeting consisting of 22 letters

as-salaamu alaykum almost identical to Old Hebrew script

is the ancestor of the Greek and Latin alphabets

One Arabic word salima

to be safe and sound And many many more words of peace

unharmed unimpaired intact safe secure with the common S-L-M

salm peace showing us the way to peace

salam soundness well-being peacefulness

safety securit

salim safe secure free

salaha or silh to be in good or perfect condition

and aslama to cause peace

About the Author

Kimberly Burnham, PhD

A busy Integrative Medicine practitioner finding solutions for people with Parkinson’s, eyesight issues, diabetes and more, Kimberly Burnham, PhD is The Nerve Whisperer. She is the award winning author of a messenger mini-book,Our Fractal Nature, a Journey of Self-Discovery and Connection as well as, The Eyes Observing Your World, a featured chapter in Christine Kloser’s Pebbles in the Pond, Transforming the World One Person at a Time. Her goal is to change the face of brain health, foster hope, and help you experiences this incredible world. Read more about Kimberly.

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