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  • Veronika Tracy Smith, PhD, PCC

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We don’t often promote other people’s programs. We do not have any affiliate promotion so this is a unique and unusual posting for us at Raising Consciousness NOW.

Judith E. Glaser

My life, my coaching, and psychotherapy practice have been enhanced and deepened by the training I went through in 2017 on Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) with the incredible Judith E. Glaser.

I have continually been inspired by the training and more importantly how little things in conversation made such a powerful impact. My mom is really failing and it has been heartbreaking for me to watch her struggle with Parkison’s Plus Syndrome. She has multiple neurological progressive problems and sometimes gets impatient, frustrated and lashes out. On good days I do well and on days I am tired and have too much on my plate I struggle. In learning more C-IQ I have been more patient and listen more deeply what she is trying to communicate. This has miraculously calmed her at times when I thought she would react in difficult ways.

Because of how powerful it has been for me personally and professionally, I really wanted to share this transformative learning experience so you can get a taste of this incredible work, during one of the free C-IQ Immersion webinars (starting March 10th).

I’m sure you’re going to love the eye-opening insights and will be inspired by the possibilities C-IQ can open up for you personally and professionally. You can get all the information and secure your free spot below:

Sign Up for Conversational Intelligence Inspirational Webinar

The Upcoming Dates for our 2018 Live Immersion Trainings are as follows:

  • Tues March 20th - 10am EST AND 6pm EST

  • Tues March 27th - 10am EST AND 6pm EST

  • Wed March 28th - 10am EST

  • Thurs March 29th - 10am EST

Business Meeting Between Colleagues

I believe that learning more Conversational Intelligence will benefit you and your relationships. You may know that I teach and am Certified as a Spiritual Intelligence Coach as well. I believe the combination is a way for us to change the world. If everyone took a small bit of this into their lives we could stop the wars and create a peaceful world. A bold statement I know. I truly believe it. See for yourself and sign up for this important hour.

Make sure you do not miss this opportunity sign up here!

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