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  • Steve Sphar, JD, ACC

Clarify Your Intention

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Intention is the internal motivation that moves us toward our goals and provides focus and direction. When we are clear about our intentions, we have the energy and confidence to persevere even in the face of extreme obstacles. But sometimes confusion arises or we feel stuck in a loop. This can be a sign that we are no longer aligned with our intention. In this brief video, I explain how to use four simple questions that help you take a step back and evaluate where you are when things aren't working. By reconnecting to your deeper motivations, you gain clarity about your intention and can move further down the path to getting what you want.

Steve explains a four question process for clarifying your intention.

About the Author

Steve Sphar, JD ACC PCC

Steve Sphar is a seasoned leadership consultant with over 25 years experience partnering with executives and managers to create sustained positive change. He was a practicing attorney for 12 years before turning his law and business experience to the field of leadership consulting. He helps managers and executives develop their leadership potential though one-on-one coaching, leadership training and facilitation of executive retreats. Read more about Steve.

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