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  • Steve Sphar, JD, ACC

How We Change and Grow

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We all want to flourish, to be happy, and to live a good life. But the world is constantly throwing us challenges that test our abilities and our nerves. Our brains help us learn from these experiences to makes us better at getting what we want out of life. To do this, our brains form habits of mind, a kind of auto-pilot. These habits serve us well until life changes and we meet new situations that challenge our old patterns of thought. Understanding how this habit-forming process works can help us leverage the power of our brains, reduce our reactivity, and live a life of conscious action. In this short video, How We Change and Grow, you can learn about this habit-forming process and use the power of your brain to live the life you want.

About the Author

Steve Sphar

Steve Sphar is a seasoned coach and consultant with over 25 years experience helping leaders create sustained positive change. He combines traditional consulting methods with reflective tools to develop inner awareness and leverage the full range of people’s gifts and talents. He helps leaders develop their potential though one-on-one coaching, leadership training and facilitation of executive retreats. Steve writes a series of leadership articles entitled Three Minute Wisdom. Click here to read more about Steve.

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