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  • Veronika Tracy Smith, PhD, PCC

Laundry Love and Following Your Bliss

Beaming Heart

Okay, so I know the first thing you are thinking is “How the heck does laundry and love go together in the same sentence?” I don’t love to do laundry either! It is one job I would like to just go away, except that I like clean clothes.

My friend Connie Bouvier, Ph.D. invited me recently to join her in what she calls “boots on the ground consciousness raising.” She is always so supportive of Raising Consciousness NOW and Consciousness NOW TV but wanted me to see what she and others are doing to make the world a better place. So I was introduced to “Laundry Love.”

I met Connie and other volunteers at a laundromat in Huntington Beach, California, where a generous laundromat business owner donates the place for one night each month to the “Laundry Love” group. The volunteers show up with money and time to help people who are homeless or struggling financially get their clothes, blankets and sleeping bags clean.

When I drove up I immediately saw the long line of people with tons of laundry. It was amazing to see this group of people, some with children, lined up and waiting their turn to put their clothes in the washer.

With my bag of quarters in my pocket, soap in hand and a bay of washers under my watch I was quickly introduced to “Laundry Love.” People filed in very organized. In went the soap, the quarters and clothes and away we went. As the night progressed everyone was fed, clothes in the washer, clothes out of the washer to the dryers and then the line up of folding, all with the hum of conversations and the sound of Miss American Pie, and other classics in the background.

Although I still do not love laundry I did fall in love with “Laundry Love!”

It is normal for me to live from a grateful heart because it is part of my practice but I have seriously been missing how wonderful it is to have clean clothes and bedding. It is so good to be reminded of the luxury of clean clothes, clean bedding, a roof over my head and food to eat. I feel blessed for the reminder of all that I have to be grateful for. As Thanksgiving rolls around and I gather with family and friends I have a broader perspective on being thankful.

As I thought more about the night and Connie’s words “boots on the ground consciousness raising” it made me question more about how we can be the “boots on the internet ground.” Being concrete and giving people skills for living, thriving, healing and reaching for their Higher Self or Best Self is always a goal of mine. If I talk from theory I don’t think I am offering much value.

It is important to embrace both the “boots on the ground” with hands on work in the world and live our bliss. To live my bliss means that I pay attention daily, in each moment. to what is alive in me. I ask myself these questions: “What are my passions, successes and failures telling me?” “What is my Higher Self calling for right now and what are my ego or local selves needing to heal in order to be in support of my highest good on the planet?” and “How am I showing up in my life?”

It is in my daily practice of silent meditation and then going deeper into these questions that bring about the answers. I am clear that I need to be BOTH; in service to making this world a better place for today and generations to come, AND be in service to living my bliss. When I do this I create a balance of health and deeper more centered and alive place to live from and give from. Both “boots on the ground” AND regeneration for full living.

So I ask you now to sit with these questions:

What are my passions, successes and failures telling me?

What is my Higher Self calling for right now and what are my ego or local selves needing to heal in order to be in support of my highest good on the planet?

How am I showing up in my life?

Give yourself the gift of time with these questions.

About the Author

Veronika Tracy-Smith, PhD

Veronika is a therapist, coach and Amazon best selling author. She and has been in private practice for over 25 years and is certified as a Spiritual Intelligence Coach through Deep Change. Her focus is on making a positive impact in the world through education in emotional and spiritual development. She works internationally as a coach and an educator. Veronika helps entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and therapist develop their message and learn how to create products, programs and videos to grow their business. She loves doing Spiritual Intelligence and life coaching as well. She also is the creator and host of Consciousness NOW TV. Read more about Veronika.

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