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  • Jon Freeman

I Was Innocent!


After 5000 years or so, you would think that people would forgive, or at least forget. And anyway it wasn’t all my fault so why do I have to carry the blame?

We were having a really good time. I mean, who wouldn’t. Just another day in paradise, you might say. What’s not to like? Flowers, trees, birds, fish – everything was there, all you could possibly want really. And fruit too. The figs were excellent.

I was fond of the serpent too. What was I to know? He seemed to be a friend, and he was God’s creation too, wasn’t he? And who was I to judge? It all seems terribly unfair. But I guess I was curious, and he spoke to my enquiring mind. You’ve got one of those haven’t you? That part of you that wants to explore, to know more? That part that is creative; the part that reflected Him, you might say.

OK, I know, He told us. You know who He is. “Don’t eat the fruit on THAT tree,” He said. You know the one I am talking about, the apple. From the “tree of knowledge of Good and Evil,” He said. But what did I know of Good and Evil anyway? I only knew Good, so that didn’t make any sense to me and I couldn’t know there would be any harm in it. I was innocent wasn’t I? I mean really innocent. You couldn’t get more innocent.

Curious and innocent. Quite a combination. I know the serpent gets a lot of the blame, but he didn’t have to work very hard did he? I had a brain with nothing to do? What kind of creation is that – giving someone a brain and then not letting them do anything with it. So He has got something to answer for in my opinion, Mr High and Almighty. From where I am, it looks like a setup. He must have known, mustn’t he? Omniscient, isn’t He?

And then there’s the dork. That useless lump Adam. Where was he? The way they tell the story you would think he wasn’t even there. Somewhere else with his back turned, whistling. La, la, li laa la. Mr. nothing to do with me, Lord. All her fault, Lord. Three bags full, Lord. But he wasn’t slow when it came to the carnal knowledge. I didn’t do THAT by myself, did I? But that’s men for you. Not the sharpest tools in the box if you ask me.

I am not trying to pass it all off on someone else. Yes, I did it. I was the one who actually plucked the damn thing from the Tree and bit it. Yes that was me. Mea Culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa. But it was a long time ago. A very, very long time ago.

And you have got a choice. It is still paradise if you want to think it so. The trees, birds flowers and fish are all still here. And the figs. They’re still good. So just because we learned about Good and Evil, and got into all that separation and judgement stuff doesn’t mean that we have to carry on. You could stop today. You could be in acceptance today. You could be in Love, Bliss and Oneness today. And you could be practising forgiveness too. Right now.

And after 5000 years, perhaps you could start with me.

Your friend – not to say mother of all that you know,


About the Author

Jon Freeman

Jon is a visionary with a passion for propelling the change in thinking that will support us through the major transitions currently facing humanity. He has extensive knowledge of alternative health and personal development practices and a deep understanding of how human body-minds work. He is among the world’s leading trainers and practitioners in Spiral Dynamics Integral and a founding director of the UK Centre for Human Emergence. Jon’s greatest passion lies in cracking open our view of reality, replacing the matter-oriented scientific orthodoxy with a blended system of understanding which acknowledges the importance of Consciousness in determining the form that all creation takes. He views this aspect of consciousness-raising as a key to humanity’s future. Learn more about Jon here.

#forgiveness #consciousrelationships

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