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  • Debbie delaCuesta, LCSW, BCC

Veronika Tracy-Smith, PhD Interview on the Be Empowered Show Speaking On Spiritual Intelligence

The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence

My friend and co-founder of Raising Consciousness NOW and Consciousness Now Coaching, Veronika Tracy-Smith, PhD was interviewed on Be Empowered Show hosted by Graeme Hopkins. She talks about Spiritual Intelligence. Check it out here!

About the Author

Debbie delaCuesta, LCSW, BCC

Debbie is a licensed psychotherapist in California having been in private practicing for over 25 years. She specializes in individual and couples therapy and coaching with an emphasis on personal consciousness and transformation. Debbie is a Board Certified Coach. Her work incorporates an Integral (AQAL) perspective in conjunction with the skills of Spiritual Intelligence and the Leadership Maturity Framework. She has conducted classes on Integral Life Practice, Healing the Inner Critic and Alchemy of the Shadow. Read more about Debbie here.

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