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  • Veronika Tracy Smith, PhD, PCC

Being in the Presence of the Moment and Belonging

Woman Reflection in Water with Mountain Landscape

To feel as if you belong is one of the greatest triumphs of human existence… David Whyte

Lately I have been so touched by my own developmental work with the training and guidance of Susanne Cook-Greuter and Beena Sharma from the Leadership Maturity Framework. In my pursuit of living honestly, consciously and open hearted it has been easy for me to feel lost and alone in some of my psycho-spiritual work. In my pursuit of connection, experiencing rejection and opening to what arises from that place, I can get lost down a rabbit hole and be the one rejecting parts of myself. This was not where I started, where I wanted to go or how I want to show up in the world.

As I pull myself back out of the rabbit hole, which I always trust myself to do, I am reminded by a friend to be with what is – the simple everyday awakening in the moment. This draws me in to deeper compassion for myself and the road that is before each of us on our journey. It is like a coming home to self and my Higher Self. Pittman McGehee says “consciousness is the container”. Being in the presence of the moment is the container of consciousness AND consciousness is the container. To plug myself back into the intimacy of the conversation that is all around me in nature, animals and the loving presence of the people in my life I am renewed and held.

Listen to this short beautiful video of David Whyte talking about Belonging and Coming Home.

Thank you Beena for reminding me of David Whyte’s poem “Everything is Waiting For You”. Watch the video of David Whyte reading his poem.

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About the Author

Veronika Tracy-Smith, PhD

Veronika is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation doing Personal, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence, Leadership and Executive Coaching. She is an Amazon best-selling author and has been in private practice for over 25 years. Veronika is a certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach and Trainer through Deep Change. Her focus is on making a positive impact in the world through education in emotional and spiritual development. She works internationally as a coach and an educator. Veronika is also the creator and host of Consciousness NOW TV. Read more about Veronika.

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