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  • Kimberly Burnham, PhD (Integrative Medicine)

Infusing Life’s Fabric with Passion

Woven Fabric

Take a moment and look at a picture or a natural scene. What sense do you get from the scene? How does it affect your body or emotional state? What part is the most interesting or the most energetic?

Do you believe paintings, music and fabric can carry an energy and an intention put there by the artist or musician with conscious of what he or she was doing?

Really when you think about it, what is the difference between two pieces of music? Certainly the way the sounds are combined and how they reach our ear drums matters to how we interpret the sounds and assign a label: good, bad, beautiful or noise. But what of the energy or the intention of the lyrics writer, the music composer or the performer? How is that sound wave energy conveyed on a slab of vinyl, a strip of plastic, the electric wire of a telephone line or digital stream through the air to a cell phone ring tone? Is it really that hard to believe that just like the sound waves, the energy of intention, the vibration of living consciousness could be transmitted through physical matter?

If you believe as I do that this is possible then it is worth asking, “What information are you infusing into your hands, your shoes, your shirt, or your life?”

When ancient alchemists used flames in their quest for gold from lead, they got instead leaded crystal, beautiful, clear, luminescent crystal. It is not what they wanted or what they intended but it is a beautiful byproduct of the process and the desire to succeed.

Some people believe that paintings and other forms of art carry an energy and intention. Perhaps, that energy is what profoundly impacted Cosimo de' Medici, and is the reason he imported Flemish artists into Florence, Italy. The technique of “infusion” as described within the novel, The Poet Prince, was perhaps invented – or at least perfected – by the Flemish, who taught it to the Florentine's. Author, Kathleen McGowan puts it this way, “I will say that standing in the same room with the Mystic Lamb, despite the fact that it is behind walls of protective glass, is a powerful emotional experience. The painting cries out to be “heard” as well as seen. It is easy to believe that an alchemical process was used to create such beauty and power through artistic expression. The Virgin Mary as Van Eyck paints her, for example, just may be the single most beautiful Madonna I have ever seen – and I have spent much of the last 15 years viewing Madonnas around the world.”

In The Poet Prince, McGowan talks about the art of infusion used by ancient masters to give paintings a kind of luminescence that goes beyond the paint, drawing in the viewer in a way that ordinary paintings do not. Infusion, the art of sharing your essence in a masterpiece of art. The sum of the painting is more than the colors of the pallet, the shapes and relationships of the images.

McGowan conveys these words, “He [Botticelli] had poured his heart and his soul into this piece, and like all artists of the Order used the technique called infusion to transfer his intention for the piece directly into the materials. If the infusion was done properly, the effect went beyond the visual, and the art transferred the artist’s emotional and spiritual intention to the viewer. It was an artistic alchemy, something which could only be achieved by masters such as Donatello, who had perfected the process.”

Is it such a stretch to think in this day and age that a Facebook page, a moving book, a transformational article, a beautiful painting, a soft piece of fabric, an inspirational speech can all be infused with energy and intention?

The simple words of this piece have been infused with wisdom, with healing, with inspiration much the way a homeopathic physician infuses the formula, the tablet, the remedy with information that galvanizes your body with the knowledge and ability to heal and to enjoy.

A book like Christine Kloser’s anthology, Pebbles in the Pond, Transforming the World One Person at a Time is a journey into a kind of information medicine like Matrix Energetics affecting every cell in your body as you listen, as you read, as you hold in your hands the black and white pages of a beautiful blue book.

A Wisdom Healing Qigong master responded to the question, “Yes, but what about the energy suckers?” As I heard the question, I wondered about the clients and people in my life who seem to need so much energy to support their life, for whom making it through each day is a struggle. Qigong master, Ming Tong Gu put it this way, “put all your energy on a plate then hand it to the person and do qigong [a meditative movement training]. There is abundance.”

Entrepreneurial master, Brendon Burchard often says, “the energy plant doesn’t have energy, it produces energy.”

A transformational book takes a lifetime of energy and experiences to produce but leaves the authors not depleted but transformed. The authors own the transformation in their own lives. Now fully infused with energy they put their books on a plate offering them to you, offering you ways to transform your life to be the power station of your universe.

Words like quantum, oasis, creativity, recognize, valuable, vital, vibration, sensational, are just words but for the life infused and breathed into them by the aliveness of the writers or speakers. Each word chosen to convey not only the message but the energy beyond the words. The words become translucent.

Translucence is a kind of transparency, allowing light to pass through; but, the photons can be scattered at either of the two interfaces where there is a change in the index of refraction, in other words internally. A translucent medium allows the transport of light, our light, the light in our lives to you. The opposite property of translucency is opacity. Inspirational books are a hand wiping off the steam clouding the mirror of my life and of yours. Allowing photons of light to interact by some combination of reflection, absorption and transmission.

Words, like light can reflect the inner brilliance of a person. You can absorb the words, really taking in the meaning and change internally. You can transmit the words, share your copy of a beloved book. You can convey the knowledge you have gained from life, from reading these words and help another along the path.

When ancient alchemist spun lead into gold some turn to red glass. Red the color of the blood and sweat that runs through each of story shared or spoken out loud. Red the color of the pelvic chakra, your seat of creativity, of the birth of new ideas, resourceful experiences to solve the problems in your life.

Scientific researchers have shown ordinary paper left out in the sunlight, to absorb the warmth and the energy of the rays can help heal tumors. Yes, healing tumors. I don’t know how or even why, just that it does.

What are you creating, infused with a life created by moving out of the fear, darkness and shadows into the creative life giving energy of that same sunlight, the light that illuminates your world and mine.

Do you see me? Do you feel me? I am here in translucent pages the words of light leaping off the page. Join me for the journey. Plug into your life and the energy of abundance, vision, and hope available to you.

About the Author

Kimberly Burnham, PhD

Kimberly Burnham, PhD, is the author of several transformation books, including Our Fractal Nature, A Journey of Self-Discovery and Connection as well as a chapter, “The Eyes Observing Your World“, in Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time which tells a remarkable story of vision recovery offering hope for anyone with a potentially blinding condition, migraines, or immune dysfunction. She uses her PhD in Integrative Medicine and 20 years of alternative health-care experience as she teaches or consults with individual clients at home in West Hartford, CT and in physical therapy and chiropractic clinics around the world.

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