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Nevin Valentine & Darrell Holdaway

Relationship Coaches

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Nevin Valentine and Darrell Holdaway are Relationship Coaches. They mentor couples and help them achieve a shared vision and a deeper connection. They believe that each of us is drawn to the perfect partner for growth and healing and that conflict is the greatest opportunity to regain our wholeness. They teach the Intentional Dialogue, a transformational communication process that promotes understanding, validation and empathy. This skill is also the primary tool they use in the workshops they lead.

They also facilitate Couples Circles. These circles are made up of couples seeking a more conscious relationship.  Within the circle, these committed couples are supported by others with similar challenges and dreams. The Couples Circle is a safe environment for appreciating each other, becoming known on a deeper level and creating a more passionate, fulfilling connection.

High school sweethearts, they reunited in early 2000 after three decades apart. Within a month, they were introduced to the Intentional Dialogue, a transformational tool that would prove to be the basis for truly knowing each other.  They practice a daily ritual that includes a reading and a recitation of their relationship vision. Their journey includes over ten years of workshops, conferences and training, and took them to the home of Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt in Abiquiu, New Mexico, where they founded, and later became presidents of, Imago Couples International. Soon after, they became certified as relationship coaches through Relationship Coaching Institute.

Nevin and Darrell are dedicated to promoting a society in which love overcomes fear, a culture where people are validated for who they are and are encouraged to reach their highest potential and a world where reactivity is met with curiosity and compassion.


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