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Nancy Hay, MA, LPC, LISAC

Author | Counselor | Consultant


Nancy Hay began in the counseling profession almost forty years ago. She entered the field of counseling as a result of her own transformation as she recovered from the effects of living with an alcoholic in her first marriage. Her commitment was to help family members living with alcoholics and other addictions. She held positions of counselor, family therapist, program director, and executive director of chemical dependency programs in Minnesota. As a consultant, Nancy helped to start or improve inpatient and outpatient treatment centers across the United States. She spent over twenty years helping school systems implement drug and alcohol prevention programs in North America and DOD schools internationally.

Nancy moved to Arizona in 1987 and started her private practice which she continues today. She helps individuals and couples overcome a variety of issues which prevent them from feeling joy in their lives. These issues include depression, anxiety, divorce, single parenting, PTSD, relationship conflict, addictions, and stress. Her specialty is working with people who spend large amounts of time away from home (airline pilots and professional athletes) and are looking for ways to stay connected to their families. She recently developed a DVD series for airline families.

As an expert in her field, Nancy has presented workshops nationally and internationally to school systems, government agencies, the military, major corporations, and Native American Tribes/Bands. Whether it is team building, strategic planning, or prevention programming, Nancy’s style is to present information in a didactic and an experiential manner which help participants face and then transform their own self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Sometimes the most spiritual path is the most practical path. Eliminating judgments, conflict, blame, and guilt are keys to this. Focusing on changing oneself from the inside out, practicing forgiveness, and living in faith and love have always been the cornerstones of Nancy’s work in training and in private practice.

Nancy is the founder of Hay Counseling & Consulting, Inc. and is author of Conflict Resolution Skills: The Art of Fair Fighting and He Said, She Said But Neither Understood.


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