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Lois MacNaughton, PCC

Integral Master Coach


My passion is helping those I work with achieve true transformative change in their lives.  I work with people that are experiencing transitional influences in life and are in need of finding new and successful ways to approach their challenges.  I develop personalized coaching programs for each client to help them build new abilities to achieve their desired outcomes.  I challenge my clients to examine how they are approaching what they have come into coaching for and what they are willing to do for themselves.  I am there to support them as they stretch and grow into their new way of being.

As an Integral Coach my approach is grounded in Integral Coaching Canada's methodology, which pragmatically applies the concepts and lenses of Integral Theory.  I have extended my coach training to include certification as an SQ21 Coach through Deep Change and have recently added becoming a Certified Professional Retirement Coach to my practice.  As a member of the Integral Coaching Canada Consortium I have been involved in research into the role of coaching in the healing process.  Together we co-created a book incorporating wellness as an integral aspect of coaching, specifically to helping individuals move from a debilitating illness narrative to a liberating wellness narrative, even in situations where cure may not be possible.

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I have taught and mentored coaching students at the Maryland University of Integrative Health and at Bauman College.  Teaching coaching methods to health care providers and helping them to gain balance in their own lives so that they can continue to provide care is very fulfilling.

My spiritual journey truly began when I was introduced to eastern philosophy and religious studies at university.  I have practiced Tai Chi, yoga and meditation for over 25 years and the rewards of that practice support  my coaching practice. For the last 8 years I have been a volunteer at hospice .  This experience has been the catalyst for ongoing personal growth and a deep desire to live life as fully as possible.

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