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Jon Freeman

Consultant | Author

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Jon is a thought-leader and visionary with a passion for propelling the change in thinking that will support us all through the major transition that faces humanity. This passion translates into writing on topics such as our relationships with money, Reinventing Capitalism, and the how conscious evolution really works – The Science of Possibility: Patterns of Connected Consciousness.

It emerges in his work as a trainer in leadership and organisational development. He has extensive knowledge of alternative health and personal development and an intuitively-informed deep understanding of how human body-minds work.  He is among the world’s leading trainers and practitioners in Spiral Dynamics integral and a founding director of the UK Chapter of Conscious Capitalism.

Jon’s career began in the early days of information systems when his passion for change found fulfilment as an applications architect, bringing qualitative improvement to people’s working environments. This conventional path lasted over three decades as a director and consultant with major companies in various industries. He now uses this background with organisations to support transformation by aligning thinking systems with external structures and processes.

In parallel he explored many areas of personal development and alternative healing.  He was a trainer for The Silva method, learned several forms of hands-on healing, trained in holographic retuning and now actively uses homeopathy, EFT and access consciousness.  His interest in personal and organizational change led him to Spiral Dynamics Integral and to SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence and he is a certified trainer for both of these systems, working in leadership mentoring, training and organizational development.

Jon is a thought-leader and author who has to date produced two books and two minibooks. His recent book Reinventing Capitalism: How we broke money and how we fix it from inside and out explores our relationship with finance, looking not only at the outer-world collapse but at how we think about and relate to money, and at the forces in humans which led us to develop skewed economic processes and “free-lunch” attitudes. The book offers a comprehensive approach to creating a sustainable future.

Jon’s greatest passion lies in cracking open our view of reality, replacing the matter-oriented scientific orthodoxy with a blended system of understanding which acknowledges the importance of Consciousness in determining the form that all creation takes. He views this aspect of consciousness-raising as a key to humanity’s future. His groundbreaking description of this world under the title The Science of Possibility: Patterns of Connected Consciousness has been very well received.

Jon lives in Wiltshire, UK with his ex-partner and co-author Juliana Freeman, a deeply skilled intuitive who now mainly practices as a Certified Facilitator in Access Consciousness.

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